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ABout me

My name is Elysia (ee-lee-sea-ah) and I'm a writer, lover of avocados and sunshine. I'm from Maine and now live in Charleston, South Carolina. As far as random happy things, I've ridden a Clydesdale on the beach in California, zip-lined and swum in caves in Mexico with bats and stalactites, and spoken to an audience of 1,500. I am constantly working on a new manuscript and have written nine to-date.


I am a senior sales manager at a large publishing company and enjoy working with independent bookstores across the country. If you're ever looking for a bookstore in a town you're visiting, I can probably point you to the best one!


My husband Andy is the best thing that ever walked into my life. I never knew that such a kind soul could exist. My strongest memories from childhood are my sister dipping her lobster in my lemonade, and days spent running barefoot through my backyard. My writing idols are Fredrik Backman, Ellen Hopkins, Margaret Atwood, Neal Gaiman, Lisa Jewell, and Stephen King. I once started a t-shirt company where I inspired shirts after up-and-coming, awesome young people, and it was called Inspire Thread Company.

​I believe that anyone can do anything that they set their minds to, and that we are only limited by our own disbelief. We were born to succeed and help people. 

My other passions besides writing include entrepreneurship and empowering other young people to beat stereotypical "youngness". Wisdom must be achieved with age, but success is attainable by anyone.





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